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Welcome to Hearty Pies                                                                                                                                        Our pies are hearty in size and filled with the best local ingredients we can find. Our meat is supplied directly from the producer on a farm only 10 miles from our kitchen.


We make our own all butter shortcrust pastry to encase our traditional and cosmopolitan pies.

​We also offer fish , vegetarian and vegan pies.

​Also we have a selection of quiches , sausage rolls and scotch eggs.

Why not try our catering boxes ...Pies with Panache


Hearty Pies are a small family producer located in North Essex

Our core business is and has always been our pies, however client needs have dictated a shift to other products including, sausage rolls and savoury tarts. 

We use our own lovely all butter shortcrust and flaky pastry to encase our delicious fillings.  All our meat , beer and vegetables for the fillings is sourced locally, all from people who pride themselves on quality.


We prefer to crimp rather than scrimp with our pies so we use the best ingredients we can find. Our pies are made with integrity and we do not add any preservatives or other extras . No additives. No nonsense. Just proper tasty stuff !


We are dedicated to making the best pies and pastries we can. Our pies are not something you will find in the supermarket. Each Hearty Pie is unique and hand crafted. 

We make our pies and deli goods with the same care and quality that you do in your own home. We don’t use ready made pastry containing margarine. We make our own using butter. All our meat is local and hand cut by us, not machinery. 

We roll and crimp ourselves. We use old fashioned techniques to ensure the highest quality we can.

Our goal is to make your taste buds happy.

" Hearty " Hand made Pies and Wholesome Food

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